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"I don't care what kind
of birth you have...
a homebirth,
scheduled cesarean,
an epidural hospital
birth or if you give
birth alone in the woods
next to a baby deer.
I care that you had options,
that you were supported
in your choices
and that you were respected."
~January Harshe,
Birth Without Fear

Carlie Copal, BA, MA, CBD & CPS (BEST), CPD (BAI), CBE (DTI)

Serving women & families in Central Virginia and the surrounding areas.

Mother of a three very spunky small humans, Carlie lives in Farmville, Virgina with her husband, children, dog, and pig. When not doing birth work, you can find Carlie reading and drink coffee - usually at the same time.

Carlie’s pregnancy journeys led her to many different realms of the birth community in search of supportive care providers and birth workers. What she found was there aren’t enough of them in our community. Passionate about choices, Carlie began training while pregnant with her second child. She is now a Birth Arts International (BAI) trained postpartum doula, a Doula Trainings International (DTI) certified Childbirth Educator (to read her featured article on their website, click here), and a certified birth doula and placenta specialist with BEST Doula Trainings. She is also American Red Cross certified in Adult & Infant CPR, First Aid, and Blood-borne Pathogen Safety, and a ServSafe certified food processor.

She is also a core doula with Embrace Midwifery Care & Birth Center in Midlothian, Virginia where she also provides placenta processing. and birth doula support.

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